Ordinary, Except

This project presents a contemporary assessment and edition on established boundaries as a typology. I am in search of the self-agency
of an occupiable bent line—as ordinary as it may appear—as a genesis for redefining ownership and for crafting moments of collectivity.

Year: 2021 Fall
Studio: GSD Core I
Research Partner: Aksel Koponen
Instructor: Jenny French
6 Weeks

This project began with a thorough reading of the Site, which has demonstrated intricate relations to ownership. Tracing back to a historical map of Cambridge in 1900, I made the observation of the precise shifting and “wiggling” of an established property line over time. The shifting of this line creates volumes that suggest some domestic negotiations.
Studying and documenting a found pair of Triple Deckers, we concluded that Triple Decker B is an evolved state of a triple decker A typology. From the original type, Triple decker B evidences a result of an accumulation of edits that took place under some degree of pressure to better fulfill the contemporary needs of its inhabitants.