Mindy Ma is an architectural student who believes in the multiplicity of voices in design.

She grew up in Beijing, China, a city that is living evidence of Chinese architectural efforts to reconcile universal architectural principles with local specificity since the 20th Century as well as its more recent excessive enthusiasm in uncritically constructing more and more. Studying abroad in the United States at the University of Pennsylvania, she continues to deepen her understanding of the complexity of such a subject. She sees value in an ongoing exploration of the relation between architecture and its cultural specificity and its potential to serve as something universal.

In the practical field, Mindy has worked as an architectural intern at Zaha Hadid Architects Beijing office and Achilier Architects New York office. The projects she has been involved in include Leeze SOHO by ZHA and Qianhai Fengtou Tower in Shenzhen by Archilier.

Mindy is currently a first-year Master of Architecture I candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Design. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture with honors and distinction from the University of Pennsylvania. She has also minored in Computer Science and Fine Arts during her undergraduate studies.

Outside of architecture, Mindy has also engaged in studio arts and documentary filmmaking.

︎: mindyma@gsd.harvard.edu
︎: @mma.archi